Although the doors at the Muskoka Small Business Centre remain closed due to COVID-19, and we are undergoing resulting re-structuring, we remain committed to serving you through our Online Toolbox and referrals to our Team of Mentors and Community Partners. We encourage you to seek assistance for your new or growing business by contacting Fed Dev Ontario – Small Business Servicesonline or by calling 1-888-576-4444.

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At Muskoka Small Business Centre, we recognize that just as every person is unique, so are their paths to success.
That’s why we work closely with our clients to learn their vision, goals, schedule and lifestyle to determine what path will work best for them.

PLEASE NOTE AS OF MARCH 2, 2024: The Muskoka Small Business Centre (MSBC) has returned to a cost-recovery fee structure for assisting entrepreneurs with completing business name and/or HST registrations. Consultations remain free and we will continue to provide access to free workshops and online webinars, as well as low-cost in-person events.

Please note that the fees outlined below are solely for services to assist you with the registration process(es). It’s important to understand that government fees for registration will apply separately and are not included in MSBC's fees. We are here to help you every step of the way to streamline your registration experience. Payment is made after appointment, once registration is completed, by CREDIT only. Thank you for your understanding.

Business Name Registration - Sole Proprietorship or Partnership ($25)
HST Registration ($25)
Package A: Business Name Registration - Sole Prop./Partnership + HST Registration ($40)

We Offer

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    Take the first step to starting or growing your business by booking a free one-on-one consultation with us.

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    Workshops & Events

    We can recommend workshops that will strengthen your knowledge on strategic business planning, starting a new business or growing an existing one.

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    We offer one-on-one business consulting, as well programs offering learning opportunities and grants for students and business owners.

About Us

We are your leading source for business information, consultation and programming in Muskoka and the surrounding area.

At any stage of business development, we help people with diverse skills and talents turn their big ideas into lucrative businesses.

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Every relationship we build starts with an in-person consultation where we learn more about you. We use our local expertise and access to business-building resources to guide you.


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Filling your toolbox

Through consultation, we can provide you with the guidance, information and tools you need to build your business plan and start actioning your goals. We also provide easy-to-access resources online to get you started today.


Keep Growing

Meet your goals and make new ones

We are not only dedicated to getting you to the finish line, but we encourage our clients to look beyond and find new possibility and opportunity. As a part of our extensive network of resources, we provide workshops and organize events that promote growth, networking and collaboration in the community.