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The Artisan’s Edge

June 1, 2020

After doing market research in Muskoka, I realized that there was a need for Barbers in Muskoka. I had been in the industry as a stylist for over 25 years, but I had always enjoyed Barbering. I felt that if you really loved what you do and you had a passion for your work, then the money will come, so I worked on a business plan to open a Barbershop just for men with unique walk in service.

I opened the business in a small space in Gravenhurst in April of 2017. We now have 2 locations in Muskoka: 480 Muskoka Rd in Gravenhurst and 131 Hwy 60 in Huntsville.

The Artisans Edge is a Barbershop that caters to men of all ages. We offer the latest cuts, beard trims, and straight razor shaves. We sell products that men love at competitive rates. We carry the essentials for men’s grooming, everything from Pomades and Shampoos to Beard oils, balms, razors, shavers, shave creams and aftershaves.
When I first opened the business, but as my business grew, I knew that I needed to hire help. It wasn’t easy finding good Barbers, and it took some time for me to adjust to growth. Finding good help was a challenge.
I started looking, and one by one I was able to find individuals that desired to venture into the Barbering industry. Most of my Barbers were stylists, who like me, enjoyed or had more interest in men’s grooming. As we grew, I coached them on how I wanted my business to run and assured the customers that over time, growth was good for us all.

I also reached out for support from MSBC. I was happy to find many resources to help find employees. I would suggest anyone that has a small business to contact MSBC. Not only were they extremely helpful in helping me enhance my business plan, find employees, and increase sales, but the connections I have made have been immeasurable. They have also been an incredible resource and have continued to offer ongoing support.

I have learned a lot in the last 3 years from my success, but I would say I have learned more from my mistakes. It takes big risks to achieve big pay offs, and it takes a tremendous amount of work, sacrifice and courage to own and run a business. Success is also measured by hiring more people to meet demand and creating another job, and helping another individual help make ends meet.

You know you’ve achieved success when you find out that your business really touches people. Having a dream is where it starts, and when others support and help bring to life to that dream and you see it grow before your very eyes and faster than you thought it would, that’s true success.