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Best Ever Food

November 22, 2019

Best Ever Food was established in January of 2017 to offer consumers a premium mix of nuts and seeds at an attainable price. We wanted to ensure that people can afford to eat food that is both delicious and healthy. We took our family’s Nut and Seed mix recipe to the market: a mix of almonds, walnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds that is uniquely produced following the traditional practical of sprouting and air drying. Adding in local maple syrup, organic coconut oil and a hint of sea salt and cinnamon has created a loyal following of fans and consumers in our area and across Ontario.

Initially, our main challenge was having the equipment to increase capacity. Next, it was sustainability – understanding the market forces beyond our local communities and finding a balance in pricing our product so the general public could afford it while being profitable.
The Muskoka Small Business Centre grant gave us the means to purchase two additional commercial dehydrators and effectively triple capacity over night! The business plan and budgeting we created with MSBC something we consistently revisit.

We are continuing to grow and work through challenges, like marketing and advertising beyond free social media platforms and working from a facility that meets International Standards. Working with MSBC has been rewarding, as we continue to recognize our goals when achieved and move on to more ambitious goals and targets.
Owner Matt Richter produces Best Ever at the Lettie’s Vegan Fine Foods commercial kitchen facility in Huntsville, Ontario. Our core company values revolve around the Japanese concept of Kaizen or “continuous improvement”. Whether it be our values of commitment, our openness to feedback, our dependability, reliability, efficiency, loyalty or honesty, we always recognize that these are not static values and can always be improved.

Success for us comes in many forms: positive feedback from customers and stores, increasing vendors and retail locations, diversifying our market, increasing revenue, hiring staff, store presence and visibility, and the ability to donate product to causes we care about.

Our advice for other aspiring small business owners is to stay true to your values and principles.